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Covid-19 support


As the reality of Covd19 pandemic sets in and advisements from health service agencies encourage social distancing and restrictions, wedding schedules for the coming months has become a crisis to manage. As we come together by keeping our distance couples around the world are overwhelmed facing social, economic and logistical challenges of re-planning their big day. To all the beautiful couples, please know, we are with you and will help you in every way possible to smoothen this process.

Firstly we would like to say that we miss seeing our brides and other customers at our boutique. We also recognize that these are challenging times and want to assure you that we are with you at every step from managing expectations to working with you on your new schedules. We understand that many of you are concerned about your wedding dress shopping and we are working very hard to address these concerns and find possible solutions for all clients. With that in mind, we are continuing to work on new standards, procedures and ideas to support couples during these pressing times.

To Support Our Customers We Will Be Offering The Following Programs 

  1. For the first 3 months after lockdown is lifted in India and our factory opens, we will be working on expediating the existing orders pending to be delivered for our current customers. Please contact us directly for more details on individual orders. 
  1. If you are a new bride and have not placed your order yet, do not panic! You will be able to enjoy the in-person shopping experience starting Tuesday May 19th (more details on in person shopping listed in section below), as well as get alterations done in time. If your wedding is later this year or next you will still be able to place custom orders on outfits, depending on the outfit you choose we will be able to advise you on timelines and delivery dates.  
  1. We will be offering up to 50% discounts on in store, off the rack purchases this wedding season.  

New Policies on in store shopping 

Being a brand we need to meet our client expectations along with following government regulations. Safety of our employees & customers is especially important to us, for this we have some new procedures in place at our location. 

  1. Initially, after reopening we will only work on appointment basis. We will keep you posted regarding changes in this policy based on government advisories and changes in social situations. You can make appointments by calling/texting 647-298-3425 or by emailing us at bombaytrendz@gmail.com  
  1. Based on government advisory, our store size, and the way our fitting rooms are structured, we cannot permit trials of our stock outfits at this time. Our team of experts would gladly advise you in terms of fittings and alterations that are required in the outfits selected.  
  1. Each appointment will be for a maximum of 90 minutes. Again, given our store size and new regulations, we can only permit 2 people present for each appointment. For example, if the bride is coming to look for her wedding dress, she can only bring one other person with her.  
  1. All customers are mandatory to wear their own masks before they enter the store. Bombay Trendz will provide disposable gloves kept at the store entrance as well. It is mandatory that customers have both on during the appointment.  
  1. Bombay Trendz employees will be the ones pulling outfits from the rack and displaying to the customers.  
  1. Lastly, we completely understand if you are not comfortable yet for personal appointments. For the same reason, we will be making ourselves available for virtual appointments via FaceTime/ what’s app video calls during business hours.  
  1. Our new business hours would be 1PM to 5PM until further notice.  

Please note these measures are needed for all our health and safety. We greatly appreciate you working with us through these pressing times and assure you that we are here to work and support you through out and to make your wedding experience memorable in every way possible. 

If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

 With Love,

 Bombay Trendz Team.

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